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What is the Cooling and Packing Unit?

The Cooling & Packing Unit (CPU) cools the ready bitumen to packing temperature for a stable, safe and continuous operation. The bitumen is then filled electronically controlled into the Pörner Bitumen Bag™ to provide exact weighing and monitoring. Each bag is marked with an unique serial number and bar code for registration of the product and individual weight of each bag.

The CPU is ideally positioned near the bitumen production plant and can be supplied by a pipeline or tankers.

Plant overview

The CPU is a compact semi-automatic process plant that does not require much space and can be placed in the vicinity of the bitumen production facility (or even within the premises as an add-on).


Nominal capacity 10 MT (metric tons) filling per hour and unit; up to 80,000 TPA (tons per annum) with continuous operation per unit
Typical investment case-to-case, depends on project. Please contact our sales representatives for further information.
Recommended space requirement Unit: 250 sqm each, Colling & Storage: 3,000 sqm per unit
Personnel requirement (recommended) 3 per shift, Forklift required