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Job offers: We intend to expand our team[more]

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High-quality base oils from used oil

Recycling: New era for PURAGLOBE with Group III oils.[more]

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OMV Turnaround 2017 in Schwechat successfully completed

Pörner Group modernizes parts of the FCC Plant[more]

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PCK shutdown on YouTube

 Be live at FCC plant and crude oil distillation unit 1 revamp  In 2016 the shutdown named “kleiner 16” took place at the PCK refinery where EDL from Leipzig was actively involved. But the name “kleiner” (small) is...[more]

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Pörner Group hands over to IOCL Barauni a new Biturox® plant: Bitumen for more than 1,000 km expressways per year

  India’s ambitious infrastructure projects for traffic congestion raise the annual bitumen demand from 4.8 to 7 million tons within the next years. Hence, the Indian Oil Company Ltd. (IOCL), India’s largest commercial...[more]

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Bottom of the Barrel: Papers presented at symposia in Mozyr and Vienna by Pörner Group

Due to persistently low crude oil prices refineries try hard to further enhance their productivity and profitability. Hence refineries are more and more interested in special technologies for processing of heavy residues – the so...[more]

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Impressive Project

Report of German process industry magazine „Verfahrenstechnik“[more]

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